Heating Oil Pre-Payment Scheme

Spread the cost: Pay for your heating oil in advance.

The ValueOils.ie Pre-Payment Scheme enables you to plan in advance of your next oil bill and pre-pay any amount between €20 and €1,000, adding it to your balance with us. Your credit balance will automatically be deducted from your next order total, so you simply pay the remaining balance.

Thousands already pre-pay with ValueOils.ie to manage their fuel budget, avoiding bills and hassle. You can view the benefits and details of how to set up a pre-payment account with ValueOils.ie here.

Reasons to choose the ValueOils.ie Pre-Payment Scheme:

    • Pay on a monthly or one off basis.

    • Avoid a large fuel bill as the money has previously been set aside

    • Flexibility in choosing the amount and date the payment is taken on. This can be easily changed at a later date if necessary.

    • Payments start at just €20 per month.

    • We will never alter your payment amount unless requested.

    • There is no fee if your payment is rejected (unlike many Direct Debit schemes).

    • We pride ourselves on competitive heating oil prices, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction.

How to set up monthly pre-payments:

There are five simple steps to set up your pre-payments:

    1.    Log in or register and click on the ‘My Account’ tab.
    2.    Click on 'Prepay Scheme'.
    3.    Click 'continue' to make a 'one off payment' or 'monthly payment'.
    4.    Choose the 'amount' you would like to pay today and the date for your next monthly collections.
    5.    Enter your payment card details. (Please only click submit once)

*Please note: We do not offer ANY credit and all orders must be paid for in full at time of order

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy oil now and pay off in my account later?
This is not part of the scheme – you can pre-pay and take the payment out of your balance with us, but you must have sufficient funds at the time of order.

I currently pay €X per month on the Pre-Payment scheme, can I change this to €Y?
To change the monthly payment amount simply contact us and let us know how much you would like to pay monthly. You can view our contact details here.

Can I change the date which my monthly payment is taken?
Yes - to do this simply log in to your account and click on 'Prepay Scheme' you will then be able to select your new date from the drop down list.

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